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Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold in the UK

Most Expensive Number Plates Ever Sold in the UK

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Number plates SW1 and 1SW sold at auction at Coys in Westminster this week for £300,000.

Senior auction director at Coys, Nick Wells, said: 'Number plates like these are always of interest to collectors but there was massive interest in these because of the area of London that they are associated with especially with Brexit going on. The fact that they were sold at SW1 was an added bonus.'

Despite that toppy price, it isn't the priciest registration ever bought. The most expensive number plate sold by the DVLA in Britain is 25 O - bought in 2014 by a Ferrari trader for £518,000.

Prancing Horse collector and dealer Talacrest snapped up the rare registration for its 250 SWB once owned by musician Eric Clapton. The same dealer also bought spent £130,320 on 250 L for a 1964 250 Lusso at the same sale in Cardiff.

Britain’s cult of personalised number plates
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) holds half a dozen auctions a year at sites dotted around the UK, selling off cherished or unusual number plates.

Incredibly, in the 25 years the DVLA sales have been held, more than £2 billion has been raised for Treasury coffers by selling off these private registrations.

25 O: Britain's most expensive number plate

Say what you like about people who buy private numbers plates; that’s an awful lot of revenue that’s pumped back into the public purse.

What price vanity?
We should insert a note of caution here. The 25 O plate is the most expensive registration ever sold by the DVLA.

Privately bought and traded plates are harder to ascertain. Check out the back pages of the Sunday Times motoring section to get a flavour for the prices being asked for the more unusual or humorous registrations.

Afzal Kahn, the owner of Bradford-based eponymous car tuning firm, owns the unique F1 plate, believed to be worth more than £1 million. And plenty more privately traded plates may usurp the figures below.

The most expensive UK registration number plates
The highest prices achieved for number plates sold officially at DVLA auctions are:

1) 25 O £518,000 November 2014
2) 1D £352,000 March 2009
3) 51 NGH £254,000 April 2006
4) 1 RH £247,000 November 2008
5) K1 NGS £185,000 December 1993
6) 1O £170,000 January 2009
7) 1A £160,000 December 1989

Now, how much does CAR 1 cost, we wonder…
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30 Years Of DVLA Auctions

30 Years Of DVLA Auctions

Press release

30 years on: 6 million personalised registrations sold
Thirty years of providing personalised registrations to motorists have seen DVLA sell nearly 6 million of them to motorists, generating around £2 billion for the Treasury.

Published 16 July 2019
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Image of one red 1989 car and one red 2019 car
The agency, which celebrates 3 decades of personalised registration sales this year, has published the 12 most expensive registrations it has sold, ahead of a 3-day live auction.

Registration Price Date
25 O £400,000 November 2014
1 D £285,000 March 2009
51 NGH £201,000 April 2006
1 RH £196,000 November 2008
K1 NGS £185,000 December 1993
KR15 HNA £180,000 May 2015
1 O £170,000 January 2009
1 A £160,000 December 1989
1 OO £156,000 April 2006
2 O £115,000 March 2009
6B £101,700 September 2008
250L £100,500 November 2014
The agency holds several live auctions across the UK each year, and has almost 60 million registrations for sale on its website.

Personalised registrations have proven a big hit with motorists, with 5.9 million sold since the agency first started selling them in 1989.

The first ever auction in 1989 saw just 74 lots offered for sale at Christie’s London, with the first lot offered for sale by DVLA, 99 MG, selling for £8,000. The highest price that day was for 1 A, which sold for £160,000.

Last year the sale of personalised registrations by DVLA brought in £116 million for the Treasury, most of which came from the thousands of more affordable registrations which are priced from £250.

DVLA Chief Executive Julie Lennard said:

DVLA’s sale of personalised registrations began in the days when the only way to place a bid at the live auction was to attend in person.

We now live-stream every auction, giving bidders the opportunity to bid for their dream registration online from our live auctions, as well as the many millions we have for sale on our website.

6 facts about personalised registrations
DVLA sold 658 registrations in the 1989/90 financial year, increasing to 26,161 the following year. In the 2018/19 financial year almost 404,000 registrations were sold.
The average price for registration marks sold at a timed auction currently stands at £877 and £3,225 for those sold at live auctions, while the average price for those sold direct through the DVLA website is £342.
A recent DVLA survey showed that 69% of respondents would buy a private registration because of a personal connection, a name or initial, 6% for their business, while 17% said they saw them as an investment.
Research by DVLA shows that 28% of UK motorists have named their car, with ‘Doris’, ‘Dave’, ‘Henry’, ‘Betsy’ and ‘Bumble’ all popular. Of those, 87% said they had bought a personalised registration to match the name they give to their car.
With the vast majority of two-letter, one single number registrations already issued or sold, ‘IG 1’ is certain to draw the attention of those looking to purchase a rare find at the auction in the Vale Resort in Hensol, Vale of Glamorgan.
Auctions have been held at venues including Legoland, Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, the Heritage Motor Museum, Granada Film Studios, the Imperial War Museum and Williams F1 Conference Centre and Museum.
Notes to editors
The first auction was held at Christie’s in South Kensington, London, in December 1989.

The 30th anniversary sale will see 1,250 lots go under the hammer at the next live auction on 16, 17 and 18 July at the Vale Resort in Hensol, Vale of Glamorgan.

Registrations for sale at the Vale include 311 A (reserve £2,500), 2019 A (£2,500), AN15 TON (£700), AN66 ELA (£400), BYE 805S (£250), B41 KER (£250), C47 THY (£250), DAN 2E (£350), DRE 5W (£350), ELV 21S (£300), E114 NOR (£250), FL16 HTS (£700), FR11 ANK (£400), F110 OYD (£250), GA11 RRY (£400), 919 GS (£2,200), HUG 60S (£300), IG 1 (£2,400), JA66 UAR (£400).

Auction bidders can do so in person, over the phone, online, by post and by text.

The personalised registrations website allows motorists to see how their new plate will look on their car. More than 60 million registrations are available on the website with combinations to suit all tastes and budgets.

DVLA will hold more auctions this year – at Wychwood Park, Weston Crewe, Cheshire, 18 to 20 September; a timed auction, 14 to 23 October; and Stratford Manor, Warwick Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, 20 to 22 November.

Auction reserve prices, where bidding will start, range from £250 to £2,500.

The £1.95 billion revenue from the sale of personalised registrations is the ‘hammer’ price and does not include any varying VAT or auction fees that would have applied over the past 30 years. The revenue raised is passed to HM Treasury.
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DVLA Private Plate Retention: Everything You Need to Know

DVLA Private Plate Retention: Everything You Need to Know


If you want to retain your number plate but are unsure of how to do it then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn everything you need to know, including the fees to be paid and documents needed.

First Things First…
Before you do anything, you’ll need a V317 form. This is an application to transfer or retain a number plate, which you can download for free via the DVLA.

V317 Form

Completing the Application
Once you’ve downloaded the V317 form, the registered keeper needs to fill out sections two and four. If, as the registered keeper, you want to become the grantee then you have the option to. This means you have the right to the vehicle registration number.

However, if you don’t want to become the grantee, you can provide the details of a new one in section four. It’s important to note that whilst the retained registration can be assigned to a vehicle that is registered either to the grantee or the nominee, the grantee is the only one that has the right to the registration.

Private Plate Retention

How Long Can You Retain a Registration Number?
Whereas previously, you’d have to pay a retention fee of £25 a year, since March 9th 2015 there has been no fee to renew the retention of a vehicle registration number on a yearly basis. So, currently, the retention certificate will be valid for 10 years and you can renew it completely free of charge once it has expired.

How Much Does it Cost?
So, the renewal fee has been removed, but how much does it cost to retain a personalised registration? £80. This price is set for both online and paper transactions, and if at any point you wish to add or change the nominee details, you are able to do so at no extra cost.

What Documents do You Need?
There are a number of documents that you need in order to assist your application. You’ll need the entire V5C registration certificate (log book) as well as the MOT test certificate.

Taxation will be checked online by the DVLA or if you are applying for tax at the same time then you’ll need a valid and current insurance certificate or cover note that confirms use of the vehicle.

If, however, you’re a motorist, it’s unnecessary for you to produce your insurance policies when taxing your vehicles. Why? Well, instead, the DVLA has records which are compared regularly with the Motor Insurance Database.

So, now you know everything you need to when it comes to DVLA private plate retention. You can download the relevant DVLA forms here. We hope we’ve been of assistance!
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Is buy A Private Plate a Good Investment

Is buy A Private Plate a Good Investment

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It is common that the value of your car will automatically decline as it ages. However, the same does not happen to the number plate displayed. It even gains more value if it is a private one. It’s seen as an invaluable investment by most people, and they will spend money to acquire one. Despite it being a lucrative business, the value fluctuates more like stocks and shares. It is, therefore, not straightforward for one to determine the value a plate can gain.

People will get vanity number plates for many reasons most common being vanity. Others just want to showcase their name initials or those of their companies. Whatever the reason, chances are, their value will increase by default over time.

So why invest in one? You have to understand that each number plate is unique and it will remain so forever. Once you get a personalized or vanity number plate, you are guaranteed that the value will only go up in time to the growing desire for being the only single factor in which to sell the number plate. When you make the investment the sentimental value that will be attached to it as time passes by will constantly grow. Its value in twenty years will be double its value in ten years.

You don’t need to be rich and famous.
Although buying vanity number plates is a practice for the rich and famous, average people are gradually picking up the practice especially with the aim of making investment returns from them. There has however been a sluggish trend in its popularity because ordinary people thought it to be a celebrity affair.

If you are planning to make your initial investment in this booming business, you should familiarize yourself with the most attractive number plates; the ones that will gain value soon after purchasing. These are number plates starting with popular names such as Chelsea, Sarah, and John among others. Due to their commonality, the possibility of most people competing on them increases their value.

Successful investments:
Someone might think that it is all stories and there is no real evidence to support the claims. Take for example the VIP 1 number plate which was originally purchased by John Paul II for £62000 in 1979. A few years later, the same number plate was bought by Roman Abramovich the billionaire Chelsea FC owner for £285000. The number plate had gained over £22,000 in a couple of few years.

ELV 1S was sold at £75000 in 1990, and it now has an estimated worth of over £150000. ATT I4H which in October 2015 was sold for £1101 and two months after the initial purchase in December of the same year the same was sold for £8670.

The F 1 number plate which was purchased in 2008 by Formula 1 tycoon Afzal Khan for £440,000 has an estimated value of over 10 million. The list of these successful investments in private number plates goes on and on. You can now tell that the return on investment is huge and can be gained in few months and grow in value as time passes.

Booming business:
The impact that this growth in popularity is creating cannot be ignored. More and more people are opting to have personalised number plates as opposed to having ordinary ones. That has led to an increase in dealers in this business who are competing to have a piece of the pie. Take for example in 2014 when the most expensive vanity number plate “25 O” was sold for a staggering £518,480. The value of this plate number is expected to increase with time, and it can be worth more than double five years to come. This shows that there are no limits to the amount people are willing to spend to have customised number plates that make them feel good about themselves. The secret is getting a shorter number plate; the shorter the initials, the more value. There is also the competition factor that is contributing to the increase in value. Celebrities and the rich are in a race to outdo one other.

The customised number plate is a good investment with huge returns with time. If you are thinking of buying one, check what the market has to offer here. You just have to know where and what to look for to reap big in this business. There is also an observed growth in its popularity with ordinary people. The growth has not shown any signs of slowing down. Therefore, it’s not too late to get started.
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